Monday, November 19, 2012

No more tubes!

We had a great weekend! Weston was allowed to try bottle feeding at EVERY feed (every 3 hours, 8 feeds in 24 hours). Weston was definitely a trooper and did a great job working at bottle feeding before having to gavage the rest through his feeding tube. Saturday Weston finally got above his birth weight! He continued to gain weight Sunday and this morning stayed the same. They say that is due to the fact that we made him work a lot harder this weekend at his feeds. As long as he didn't go backwards, they are happy (and so are we!) Weston now weighs 7 lbs 6.98 oz.

Since Weston did so well with his bottle feedings, the NG tube (feeding tube in his nose) finally came out today! YEAH!! We have only had one feeding since, but Weston did amazing at his 1:00 feed. He is now offered 65 ml (before it was 55, which is still the goal) and he took 61! We hope the rest of the day continues to go this well so we can start discussing that "H" word...MAYBE we'll be home for Thanksgiving :)

No more tubes!! :)
Since the end of last week we have also been given permission to unplug his oxygen cord from his leg and go for walks. It still needed to be monitored while we were in the room at the end of last week, but this weekend they made the call to only spot check it! One less thing attached to our little boy!

We hope and pray the progress Weston has shown this week continues so we can begin our life at home. Thank you for all of your prayers and kind thoughts as we continue through this journey.

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