Friday, December 14, 2012

an update...

I've been told some of you are looking for an update ;) Now I know how those of you that have blogs that I've followed before don't always get to posting right away! Sorry it's been a couple weeks...

Weston is doing really really well! We have seen the home nurse a couple of times, we have seen the pediatrician and we have seen the cardiologist.

Yesterday we had our follow up with the cardiologist, Dr. Bass, who said that everything looks great! We got to get off the lasik (yea!!!) and we can officially do tummy time on the floor. Weston isn't a huge fan of that but we will keep working on it so he builds those arm and neck muscles that lead to crawling.

As of Thursday, Weston weighs 9 lbs 15 oz! Some of his newborn clothes don't fit anymore and I know that is a good thing but it's a little sad at the same time. We are in between since some newborn clothes fit, some are too small, but the 0-3 mo are a little big. We'll figure it out. Thankfully our cousins Axel and Else have given us lots of hand-me-downs to wear :)

We see the pediatrician again on Monday for Weston's 2 month check up! The last couple times we've seen him he has been very positive and thinks Weston looks and sounds great. I'm assuming Monday will be the same report. We will talk to the pediatrician about how much to continue fortifying Weston's milk and if we continue the Zantac for acid reflex. It's very nice not having him spit up all the time so it's hard to know if he still needs that med or if we can try without it, or maybe find a happy medium and work our way slowly down instead of completely cold turkey.

The nurse is supposed to come again today to see if we can be 'discharged'. Since everything went so well at the cardiologist's yesterday I don't see why we can't, but she hasn't called yet to tell me what time she is coming. I'm starting to think it wont be today after all.

Last weekend we had KME photography come and take some 'newborn' photos of Weston and some family photos. Doesn't she do a great job? She is the same person that did our maternity photos this fall, too.

Family photo

Rasmus and Weston are becoming friends, I think!

Weston's awesome alphabet wall that so many of you contributed to! Thank you!

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